Friday, 17 May 2019

Session's Finale & other favourites - coming soon!

A quick summary of Sessions 76 - 78 was posted on ukcaving, with the intention of leaving it at that. I hadn't the will to delve back that principal slice, nor do I now.

The things missed.

Of single mind.

Subject me now.

My only purpose.

But with this time.

I have recalled.

What once my purpose.

So without feeling.

I will but try.

Extend due process.

A rough arse cobbled together survey of all the extensions will also hopefully be included with 76-78.

Excuse the bullshit above. I've realised having spent on it. I really must have nothing better to fucking do. 

Don't holdeth thy breath!


Don't give a now, didn't give a then. Picture Skillfully timed by Adele Ward, post Langstroth Pot pull-thru, back when he was only the cusp of a tard. The source of amusement now, I know what was on my mind at the time.

Disco Shit!

Next installment: Survey complete, inked and craving -

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