Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Survey of Black Edge Choke - Mossdale Caverns

Mossdale Caverns - Black Edge Choke - 2017/18 Extensions

Far from the common standard, but as good as it's gonna get from me. First time I've ever drawn everything like this up. 
The survey is mostly to show the discoveries, and not for precise measuring purposes. Although the bulk was surveyed, some sections were not, and are marked as so. Some bits, especially in the lower series were reduced in size to make it more readable.  
Assuming my clinometer readings were somewhere near, the vertical profile won't be far off. I guessed the depth to be somewhere near that, just from passing through and totting it up etc... All the surveying was done alone, with little prior experience. 
Hoping to get it copied and digitised etc... Writing up the final sessions to follow soon ish.

Next Installment: Mossdale Session 76 & Other Favourites (part one)   https://simonbeck.blogspot.com/2019/06/mossdale-session-76-other-favourites.html

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  1. Good to see you back Simon, Looking forward to more instalments, been too long, respect due, may your mars bar never go soggy, may your ammo box never leak and keep your carbide dry!

  2. Up until a few weeks ago I thought my caving days were behind me, but with little ahead of me except a fresh start, it may well be the best thing for me, and sort out my messy head. Sessions 76 should be ready to post over the coming days, with 77 - 78 to follow whenever I get them finished. I may well visit Mossdale in the coming days, but not for work probably. I feel the need to connect with somebody via a past event at the site.

  3. I can totally empathise with that, sometimes you get very jaded with it all and wonder what it’s all about and why you keep doing it. Two years ago I went out for a trundle round on my motorcycle with my best friend one beautiful april afternoon and he was killed outright by another rider hitting him from behind. I will never get over it and have become a very solitary person ever since. I still ride my bikes including my track/race bike but, strangely I cannot find anything in common with any other riders and actively avoid gatherings of bikers and prefer my own company.
    I suppose it is the same with a lot of us who follow our own path, normal people just don’t get it, I don’t want to end up smeared across a stone wall in Derbyshire with a bunch of dead flowers to mark my passing the same as a caver doesn’t want to fade away in the depths of a flooded cavern and an epitaph in ‘descent’ but we continue with our chosen way. Some would say selfish but not I, life is by definition finite, enjoy it, pack in every second and treasure every moment.