Sunday, 29 March 2015

Notes on Session

I think it was sometime in 2013 when I first started this Blog. I was getting pretty lazy with my journals at the time and felt it was time I made more of an effort to document my stuff online. No sooner had I registered for the blog I lost interest or more just couldn't be arsed with it.
Apart from a small number of articles which I have in the past posted on a Uk based caving forum, the majority of my write-ups are in my journals. I've struggled putting pen to paper recently and my journals are non-existent for the past year. Technology has no doubt played a part in my departure from convention, but not entirely because I have always struggled maintaining the motivation to keep my logs up to date.
Just to get things started on here I've put together a collection of my old write-ups and tidied them up a little. The grammar and general layout of my old articles was usually pretty diabolical, I never proofread and instead they were written and posted in haste, something I have come to regret when looking back at them.
Legends Session may not presently offer much except some insight in to my past, but regular articles should begin to appear. A piece about my recent activity should be here in a matter of days..


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  1. I really am looking forward to these - especially the Mossdale ones. I am an ex (retired caver) and have had a fascination with Mossdale for years. I have tried to get into it a couple of times - once with a buddy - we got to Rough Chamber and he bottled it and we came out (I was glad he bottled it too as I wasn't too happy) - and once or twice when we arrived at the scar and the water looked too high. Probably fate methinks. Anyway I am much too old now to go - I have been retired 20 years. But I still wander up to the scar from time to time and wish I had been in. I have read all Leakeys books, and Boons, and got the surveys - everything but the mud :) I admire your solo trips - and I read about your exploits on the UK Caving forums a few years ago. Take care - and stay safe. James :)