Monday, 20 January 2020

Mossdale Session update - January 2020

Although it's been four months since any work was done at the site it doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about it or at least attempting to get down there to get some done. The job I had left little in reserve, which I've now thankfully quit. Mossdale was visited New Years Eve but no work was done nor will it count as a session.

Work is about to recommence at Black Edge Choke, with the intention of buckling down and getting this site cracked once and for all, if indeed it can be... I've every faith in the site as ever by-the-way
The Syphon Passage pumping project is also still on the agenda, with a view to getting things set up Feb/Mar in preparation for a good dry spell.

I've been slowly writing up what remains of the backlog, and still struggling my way through the one for 78, a trip that occurred almost ten months ago, and with little of substance worth sharing anyway. I guess I'm doing it purely for completeness or something, as I have since the beginning.. Sessions 79-81 from summer/autumn last year and session 82 (1st working visit of 2020) from several days ago are still to write up and will hopefully quickly follow 78. Getting cracking again in the cave should hopefully speed things up on the blog delivery front, as it has in the past..  

Jonny Stodart New Years Eve
Next Installment: Mossdale Session 78

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